Visalee Engineering works are leading manufacturer and exporter of Coconut dehusking machines , coconuts dryers and other coconut processing machineries . We are located in Gudmanagalam, Tirupur district of Tamilnadu in India . Mr Loganathan is the founder and sole proprietor of Visalee engineering works . Our machines are used in various coconut farms and large scale industries across India and foreign markets. We also undertake custom made fabrication works and manufacture paper mill, sugar mill machine spares etc...

Mr Loganathan is the founder of Visalee Engineering works . He is an entrepreneur, innovator of various mechanical equipment machineries. He has successfully invented coconut dehusking machine in the market after 7 years of R& D and he has filed for patent process under his name for this machine .He is actively involved in R&D of products .He has invented components for Paper mill machineries, textile machineries for well known companies in Coimbatore. He is simple, humble and down to earth person . Read More


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Coconut Dehusking Machine India, Tamilnadu

About Coconut Dehusking Machine

Our Coconut dehusker machine is new invention and specially designed for removing the husks from the coconut fruit automatically along with the crown removing process. Only the feeding of coconut is manual and the husk removing and crown removal is an automated process .

Our coconut dehusker machine consists of dehusking unit in which the rollers rotate in opposite direction towards one another and every roller has blades which effectively penetrate and peel the husk portion from the coconut. The combining action of rollers and blades ensures that the husk is totally removed.

The husks is conveyed through the belt conveyor to the side outlet and the coconut slides to the rolling unit where the crown part is removed by the action of roller rotating in opposite direction with vibration and the final dehusked coconut is collected from the rear side of the machine outlet. Read More

Advantage of our machine

Advantage our machine is an improvised version of any available coconut dehusking machines in the market which address the problem of coconut breaking while using other machineries . This machine was specifically invented to address this problem along with the aim to improve performance of dehusking rates

Salient Features of the Machine

1) Our Machines are sturdy , durable and have excellent strength
2) No breaking of coconuts
3) Available in various capacities of dehusking coconuts ranging from 750 – 2500 coconuts per hour
4) Minimize the labour cost in the dehusking process for up to 80 % and lack of labour problems
5) Lesser maintenance and easy to clean


Video (Machine demo)

This is the video of our machinery supplied at coconut farm in Udumalpet , India . This machine can dehusk 1500 coconuts per hour

After sales service We always believe in long term business and good customer relationship by providing good service after sales. We also ensure spares are always stocked up with us, so customer can purchase and install immediately if any breakdown occurs in the machine


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